Hiro Yashima A fisherman, father and husband. He is a grand master in Karate and has developed supernatural powers that have brought some very unwanted attention. Ayumi Yashima She is the wife of Hiro. On a fateful moonlit night she is struck down. Her tragic death sets the gears in motion for revenge. Isamu and Amaya Yashima The son and daughter of Hiro and Ayumi. They are kidnapped by the Black Mantis - perhaps to become future ninja for the clan. Hiro must rush to save them. Shin Yashima The brother of Hiro, also a grand master like Hiro, having trained together for many years. His calm demeanour masks immense power. Rock Demon A high ranking leader in the Black Mantis Clan. He is cruel and formidable with skin tough like rock. He has been known to crush his victims into the ground. The Claw One of the foot soldiers of the Clan. He relishes killing with is metal claw and some say he drinks the blood of his victims. Orchid She was once the lover of Shin but one day she left him without saying a word. Now she is one of the clan but perhaps she still has feelings for him.. Bolo Another henchman of the clan. He is a fan of sumo and is skilled in the use of the bowstaff. He is not fussy about what he eats - or who. A tale of power, greed, sorrow and vengeance...  A ruthless army of ninja known as the 'Black Mantis' clan have come to Okinawa to loot, pillage and kill anyone that gets in their way. Above all else, they are searching for the legendary training scroll of Hiro Yashima who has honed his martial skill to a supernatural level, summoning flame and sound to vanquish his foes. He returns home one night to find his children missing, his wife slain, and a note in her bloody hand... “Come find me in the shadows beyond the sea and show me what you are capable of “ Here’s an introduction to some of the characters in the game. We plan on having many more in the full game including a playable female character who is a master in Wing Chun kung fu!   The shop in OkinawaRush is presented to the player via a travelling merchant who switches between 3 different areas (beach, woodlands and cherry-blossom island), each offering slight variations on items, depending on location. Players can put in a 'special request' to the merchant for rarer items to appear in his store. Items include new suits, colour dyes (for suit and hair to customise) rare amulets which boost stats and also equipment and ornaments to place within the dojo you have built. DOJO AND FENG SHUI SYSTEM Ornaments found or bought from the shop can be placed within your dojo, using a "pick and drop" system. If certain combinations are placed together they create a "Feng Shui Bonus" which can force the stats of your character to go beyond their natural training potential. For example 3 bonsai trees together will give a boost to your HP. There are many different combinations to discover, some which may unlock hidden skills in your character!